The leader of the far right Great Romania Party (PRM), Corneliu Vadim Tudor, decided not to resign from the Parliament, as he announced after failing to reach the 5% threshold required to win a seat in the European Parliament. The senator motivated his decision by the numerous demands to remain in office received from persons in Romania and abroad, as he declares. Vadim also launched a virulent attack against the US ambassador in Bucharest, Nicholas Taubman, announcing he will demand his expelling from Romania because of some evidence on the involvement of the American official in forging the elections results. Tudor held a 45 minutes speech about Taubman, accusing him of intervention, corruption and terrorism.

Ina press conference, Tudor put on a show, attacking the "Parliament Mafia", warning the corrupt officials that he quit resigning so he could fight them better and could tell about the things he knows. Tudor denounced Taubman's "handy work", claiming that the diplomat "pulled the strings so that Hungarians would gain representation in the European Parliament, instead of Romanian nationalists".

The PRM head says he will ask the US president to expel Taubman: "This shameless man believes he is on a cotton field with red-skinned Indians? He thinks I am afraid of him? He should thank me for not gathering 10,000 people to break in his house and throw him off the window! A terrorist like him has no place in the United Europe!", Vadim shouted.