While the European Parliament elections are still echoing among parties, who try to figure what caused the low turnout, and the European Commission brings Romania one step closer to the European Court of Justice, newspapers on Thursday pay more attention to the situation of Romanians working abroad. This time, it is not about crimes or illegal work, but local heroes and how the people in search of a better life leave Romanian companies without employees.

"Romanians awarded for heroism in Italy and Spain" is the 14th episode of a press campaign opened by Gandul, as a response to the negative press campaign against Romanians in Italy. A Romanian who survived the first bombing of a train in Madrid, in 2005, returned to the train, instead of fleeing like everyone else, and started to help the bomb victims. A second bomb explodes and the Romanian is hit.

In Turin, in 2002, a Romanian enters a supermarket where an armed robber had already shot two people. He fights the criminals bare-handed, stops one of them, but is shot twice. In Verona, in 2004, a Romanian manages to save from drowning two out of three passengers of a car that tumbled into a frozen river. In Rome, in 2006, a Romanian woman saves three victims of a train crash and disappears.

Meanwhile, back home, 30% of the textile producing companies suffer from the lack of personnel and have vacant seats that take more than two months to fill. In a study conducted by the Soros Foundation, over 70% of the employers expect to have problems finding employees when they will need some. 40% of the problems refer to finding employees with average or low education, Jurnalul National reads.

In other news:

- The National Szekler Council (CNS) demands an official referendum in the counties with a Hungarian populace majority, in order to see whether the local autonomy is desired or not by the area inhabitants. In a press conference, the CNS vice president, Tullit Attila claimed that the demand comes as a result of Laszlo Tokes' high score in the European elections, his electoral message being similar to the CNS platform. (Gandul)

- Romanian representatives in the European Parliament will receive their official mandates in two weeks, but their activity will begin on January 5. (Evenimentul Zilei)

- Romanian company Maguay is the second to produce laptops in Romania. The company launched on Wednesday the eXpertBook models, targeting sales between 3,000 and 5,000 units per year. (Evenimentul Zilei)