Over 250,000 criminal investigations and files introduced in courts may be blocked by the Criminal Procedure Code modifications, Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi announced on Thursday. Criminal pursuit files will be annulled and criminals will see themselves abetted. During the past three months, 36 files were returned to prosecutors. "We see a dissolution of the state authority", was the verdict spoken by Kovesi, who sent no less than 7 letters to the two chambers of the Parliament, the Juridical Commissions of the Parliament and the Superior Magistrature Council, protesting against the changes brought to the Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Code.

Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi declared during the meeting of the Prosecutors' General Association that over 250,000 files may be blocked, given a new rule that says that all files must have a 6 months investigation maximum period, being blocked in case the term is past due.

Also, Kovesi challenged the attempt to unify the Anti-Graft Prosecution Office and the General Anti-Graft and Anti-Terrorist Department of the Romanian Police, saying the two institutions work just fine as they are and, anyway, no one has yet asked her point of view. Still, Kovesi mentioned that unifying the institutions would have a negative impact on the files still under investigation.