The Romanian Government reached an official point of view regarding the reimbursement of the car tax, invoked by the European Tax Commissioner Laszlo Kovacs, claiming that such a measure can not be anticipated for the moment. The statement was made on Friday by the Governmental spokesperson, Camelia Spataru, one day after the car tax, considered as discriminatory by the European Commission, reached its second infringement stage, being one step away from the European Court of Justice.

"We could consider that the statements made by Laszlo Kovacs represent an ante-sentencing, given the fact that we don't know whether this case will go to court or not", Spataru said. Laszlo Kovacs claimed on Thursday, in an interview for RFI, that Romania will follow the same path as Hungary, where the reimbursement was forced by the European Court of Justice. At this moment, Romania has two months to align its legislation to meet the European standards.

As not mentioned by the news agencies on Friday, Kovacs also explained that Romania will have to refund the money it cashed from car taxes whether or not the case reaches the European Court of Justice. Not only Hungary, but also Poland had to fully reimburse the car tax money, the latter paying over a half of billion euro.

According to governmental sources, Economy Minister Varujan Vosganian will meet European Commission officials next week, introducing Romania's intention to approve in February or March an emergency ordinance, with a new version of the tax, able to meet the Commission's demands.