Nicolae Romulus Mailat, the presumed murderer of Giovanna Regianni, the Italian woman whose killing sparked an outrage against Romanian immigrants in Italy last month, has confessed to his lawyer that he had an accomplice, Romanian news station Realitatea TV informs. Mailat, an ethnic Gypsy from Romania, said Gheorghe Neamtu – the son of the women who called the police – helped him with killing Regianni.

Morever, Neamtu also appears in the surveillance cameras near Tor di Quinto station.

Mailat still denies to have raped the woman and the Italian police did not finish investigating the circumstances of Regianni’s death. Mailat’s lawyer declared that the investigation lead to several new information.

Moreover, he added that the only witness available, Emilia – the woman who denounced Mailat – is not credible enough as she received medical treatment for mental affections while in Romania.