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Two Spaniards, one Italian wounded in Bucharest tragedy that saw 27 killed, up to 200 injured in music club fire

de Ed. Staff
Sâmbătă, 31 octombrie 2015, 12:05 English | Top News

Incendiul din clubul Colectiv
Foto: Facebook
At least 27 people, mostly teenagers and young adults, died in a fire that engulfed a music venue in Bucharest on Friday night, while other up to 200 people were injured, according to official figures available by noon on Saturday. Two Spanish citizens and an Italian were identified among the injured, according to Romania's Intelligence Service. The fire took place during a concert as fireworks were let off to mark the launch of a rock band's album.

According to witness accounts and media reports during the night, the Colectiv Club tragedy saw dozens of people die first in the fire that engulfed the venue, then in the stampede of clubbers attempting to leave the building.

Some 146 people had been hospitalized by noon on Saturday. Some died of extreme injuries while in hospital, with doctors saying that the death toll may rise as many patients don't have good prospects of recovery.

It is the most serious such accident taking place in Romania since it brought down communism 25 years ago. Romania's clubbing scene has been lauded by Western media as one of the most flourishing in Europe for the past several years.

Romanian officials announced on Saturday three days of national mourning.

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