Diplomats, business people, NGO representatives, people who have worked with European bodies and just a handful of political appointees form the new, technocratic government that Romania's prime minister designate Dacian Ciolos announced on Sunday. Earlier this week, Ciolos, a former European Commissioner for Agriculture, was chosen by President Klaus Iohannis earlier this week to form a new government to replace the Social Democratic government led by Victor Ponta, who resigned a week before in the wake of a deadly nightclub fire in Bucharest and subsequent massive protests against corruption.

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His list of ministers includes:

  • Vasile Dancu - deputy PM and minister for Development and Administration; a former member of the Social Democratic Party, who has remained closely connected to the political life of Romania
  • Costin Grigore Borc - Economy minister, currently CEO Lafarge
  • Cristina Guseth - Justice minister; she is known for is background as head of prominent NGO, Freedom House;
  • Anca Padiu - Finance minister; has worked for the IMF, currently with the European Commission
  • Lazar Comanescu - Foreign minister; a diplomat, currently presidential aide
  • Mihnea Motoc - Defense minister; former Ambassador to the European Commission, United Nations, currently to the UK
  • Victor Grigorescu - Energy minister, currently a member of the board at energy company Electrica
  • Marian Costescu - Transport minister; has served a mediocre term with the Romanian Railroad Company CFR

In presenting his proposed ministers, Ciolos said he hoped he would conclude the hearings of his nominees by Tuesday. He said he tried to bring together skilled people with experience in their fields and with management vision.