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Romania is most corrupt EU country, TI says

de A. Comanciu
Joi, 6 decembrie 2007, 15:30 English | Top News

Romania is perceived as the most corrupt European Union member country, the 2007 Global Corruption Barometer put up by Gallup and published by Transparency International shows.

The hierarchy was based upon the answers of 63,199 people in some 60 countries and territories during June – September 2007. According to the data, the institutions perceived as most corrupt in Romania are the political parties and the Parliament, followed by the judicial system, police and the health system.

According to Transparency International centralized data, 33% of Romanians said they bribed someone at least once for public service while only 7% of Bulgarians admitted giving bribe. The compiled data shows that Romania is perceived as the most corrupt European Union member country.

Relevant results for Romania

People perception on the Government anti-corruption policies
Very efficient - 3%
Somewhat efficient - 21%
Nor efficient, neither inefficient – 17%
Somewhat inefficient – 30%
Very inefficient – 21%

Did you ever give bribes?
- medical services - 27%
- police - 11%
- justice - 10%
- education - 9%
- the legislative process - 8%

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