Romania president Traian Basescu announced, in a short-notice conference organized just before leaving to the EU - Africa summit in Lisbon, that he identified two anti-Constitutional articles in the uninominal law draft put up by the Pro-Democratia nongovernmental organization (NGO), a draft for which the Government assumed responsibility. "The Pro-Democratia law draft has several deficiencies", Basescu said. Considering that the NGO proved to be a good connoisseur of the Constitution in past years activity, Basescu says he finds reasons to suspect a Pro-Democratia - Government collusion.

Basescu also mentioned that, in case the Constitutional Court doesn't find any anti-Constitutional articles, he will apologize for his statements.

The head of state pointed at introducing supplementary lists in election offices, with indirect attributing of non-occupied Parliament seats to parties with a surplus of votes. Basescu says the places would be taken by people who didn't run in the elections, a fact that comes against the Constitution, where "the members of the Parliament are elected through universal, equal and direct vote".

The second article that poses problems, in Basescu's view, is related to early elections. In the government-assumed draft, early elections may be organized only in case of territorial re-organizing, while the Constitution allows early elections when there are three failures to install a new Governmental cabinet. "The Constitution can't be changed through a common law", Basescu emphasized.