President Traian Basescu launched a public appeal, targeting Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu, asking for the removal of Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu from the office, before Chiuariu is placed under criminal investigation and consequently suspended. The head of state underlined the fact that it would be an unique situation in Europe: having a Justice minister sent in front of the prosecutors. Basescu also demanded the removal from office of the Labor Minister, another member of the cabinet on whose name prosecutors asked approval to open a criminal investigation.

"In any country, having the Justice Minister sent to answer to the prosecutors would represent the bankruptcy of the Justice system", said Basescu. "A clever gesture from the government is required, especially to have the Justice Minister dismissed", he added.

President Basescu also emphasized that the European Commission already has one eye on Romania, which is threatened to see the safeguarding clauses activated, a circumstance in which having the Justice Minister prosecuted would only make things look worse. "I am certain that some reshuffling of the Government will take place. It's one thing to have a former minister prosecuted and it's another thing for ministers still in office".