An employee of the US Embassy in Bucharest was involved in a car crash on Tuesday night, ended with the injury of a woman, Realitatea TV informs. Eye witnesses claim that the car driven by the US embassy employee was speeding and that the driver spread alcohol stench, although he refused to be tested. According to the TV station, the accident took place on the Beijing Boulevard, near the China Embassy.

Emergency services were required to free the woman from the metal cage of the crushed car. After being hospitalized in an emergency facility, the woman was declared as well and safe.

It is not the first time that US Embassy personnel are involved in traffic incidents. The best known case was the marine who killed rock star Teo Peter in December 2004. Christopher VanGoethem fled the country immediately after the car crash and faced trial in the US, being released shortly after the incident. Other accidents involving US Embassy staff took place in February 2005 and June 2007.

UPDATE: A criminal record was opened on the name of the US driver for refusing the alcohol testing and for the injuries suffered by the victim.