In a criminal complaint addressed to the Anti-Graft Prosecution Office (DNA), a member of the examination panel who judge the competitions for prosecution office job openings is accused of working for Dinu Patriciu, influential Liberal and general manager of Rompetrol, a company he founded and sold, becoming the richest man in Romania. Gabriela Ghita, one of the prosecutors under investigation the recent case of prosecutors accepting bribe to employ other prosecutors, claims that Irina Berar, one of the panel members who decides who wins the job, works for Dinu Patriciu and is responsible, in 80% of the cases, of deciding who is the winner in competitions for prosecution office contests.

Irina Berar is also accused in the criminal complaint of sending her panel colleagues examination topics suggestions using a Rompetrol e-mail address.

In an official response to a TV station, Rompetrol admits that Irina Berar is an employee of the company, dealing with human resources.

At her turn, Irina Berar declared that there is no conflict between the two jobs and claims that the Rompetrol job offering came after she involved in the Justice Ministry programme.

Dinu Patricu is and has been a constant subject for the Anti-Graft Prosecution Office for over three years.