The European Commission report on the progress made by the Romanian Justice and the anti-graft campaign, scheduled for release in January, will be a very hard one, EC sources declared for NewsIn. Same sources say that officials in Brussels are extremely annoyed by the fact that Romania failed to respect its commitments to the EU.

"The Superior Magistrature Council and the Anti-Graft Prosecution Office say about one another that the other one is not working properly, the Parliamentarians changed the Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Code, there was the episode with the presidential commission... Europeans noted all of them", the invoked sources said, adding that there was no progress recorded since the last report.

The only positive notes are the action plan put up in Bucharest and a report sent to the EC last week, in which a fair analysis of the current stage is made. The National Integrity Agency, insistently demanded by the EU, is not functional, while the National Anti-Graft Prosecution Office has to be fully independent and functional.

The problems were noted and discussed already by officials representing Germany, UK, Holland or Sweden, all of them taking into account their previous warnings on how important the anti-graft fight is, and are now disappointed.

The sources say that the resignation of Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu is of no importance at all, since the problem is not with persons, but with the anti-corruption measures. Still, some of the sources mentioned that Chiuariu was seen in Brussels as an "irresponsible kid", who was unconscious enough to decide actions that come against the commitments in front of the EU.