Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu declared on Friday that he is disappointed with the Kishinev government attitude, as well as with the recent statements of president Vladimir Voronin on Romania. Still, Tariceanu emphasized on the fact that Romania will always be available to help Moldova. Discussing the case of the two Romanian diplomats expelled from Kishinev, Tariceanu said that the attitude of the Moldova officials does not follow the spirit of the policies Romania addressed to Moldova.

"I believe that the Government and the President of Moldova don't have the vision required to understand how a country like Moldova must built its way towards the European Union", said Tariceanu.

The Moldovan Foreign Ministry in Kishinev announced on Wednesday that two Romanian diplomats were declared as persona non grata, invoking the 9th article in the Vienna Convention. According to the article, the authorities are not forced to motivate their decision.

Meanwhile, Kishinev continues to accuse Bucharest of lying about the reason why the mutual treaty was not signed yet.