Former Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu accused President Basescu in an interview for this weekend of blackmailing members of the Constitutional Court of Romania. Even though he admits he has no evidence to support his statements, Chiuariu warned that several times Basescu knew beforehand some information which he could only obtain through blackmail.

Continuing his attack on Basescu, Chiuariu talked about the President's son in law, Gheorghe Falca, mayor of the city of Arad, Western Romania. Chiuariu claims what while several cases of abuse were allegedly compiled against Falca, the mayor was only investigated in just one such case.

Chiuariu claimed that the politicians investigated by the anti-graft prosecutors were largely enemies of Traian Basescu.

Speaking of his possible successor, due to be decided at governing National Liberal Party (PNL) level on Monday, Chiuariu said he fully supported his colleague Norica Nicolai to take over the vacant seat at the Justice Ministry. Chiuariu says that Nicolai had all necessary credentials to occupy the seat.

Nicolai is known as a maverick Liberal who often votes along the lines of the opposition Social Democrats.

Tudor Chiuariu resigned last week after President Basescu summoned PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu to dismiss his Justice and Labor Ministers. Chiuariu resigned from his function but promised to return after his name is cleared in a file investigated by anti-graft prosecutors.