Traian Orban, a former participant in the Romanian Revolution in 1989, refused the diploma he was about to receive from ex-president Ion Iliescu, currently president of the Romanian Revolution Institute. Orban accused the Institute of protecting some of the people guilty for the numerous victims of the Revolution. Another participant in the revolution accuses the institute of censorship. Iliescu says the fuss is only about personal discontents and fabulation.

Orban said that "they try to invent all kinds of agents, foreigners, but they only try to distract the people from an important aspect: there were crimes and there are responsibilities. The guilt for those deaths belongs, in my opinion, to those who came after Ceausescu, who assumed the power, but not the responsibility. We blame Ceausescu for almost 2,000 victims, but only one eighth of them died before December 22. The rest fall into the responsibility of those who replaced Ceausescu.".

Historian Miodrag Milin quit the Romania Revolution Institute, accusing censorship. "They claimed that the Romanian Democrat Front, with its president, Lorin Fortuna, and vice president, Claudiu Iordache, was overly represented. They cut some paragraphs in editing the volume and modified others".