Romanian workers employed in other states sent home some 7 billion euro in 2007, out of which over 2 billion in December only, a report put up by the World Bank informs, according to the Rador news agency. Romania ranks tenth worldwide on this indicator.

According to the report, the amount is not very significant, if compared to the gross domestic product (GDP) of Romania, still the funds sent by migrating workers represent a real support for the national economy.

"Taking into account Romania's economic development, it is not a large sum. Still, we need to remind that the deficit of the Romanian current account balance is 16 billion euro, while the money sent home cover only 40% of this amount", said Economy professor Gyula Focze of the Babes-Bolyai University.

Romania has a 110 billion euro GDP.

According to the WB estimates, the country that gained the most from workers working abroad was India, with 27 billion euro.