Some 1,300 Romanian tourists returning from holidays are blocked in Bulgaria because of the heavy snow falling during the past few days. at the Giurgiu - Ruse border, no vehicles may pass towards Bulgaria, after the local authorities in Ruse declared an emergency state.

Some 70 cars and two coaches are blocked since yesterday near the Bulgarian village of Razgrad, some 60 kilometers South of Ruse, near a gas station. Authorities don't allow any vehicles to leave the locality, given the fact that two knocked down lorry trucks block the entire road. A similar situation finds 80 Romanians near the Tar Kaloyan village.

Another group of Romanians - some 20 coaches and 10 cars, returning from Turkey - are stuck in the Stara Zagora – Kazanlac region. A driver who ignored the Police warnings got stuck in the snow some 20 kilometers away from Stara Zagora and could not be toed up to this moment.