Romanian NGO Society for Justice (SoJust) reveals that all exams to occupy leading positions in courts and prosecutor's offices during the period of 2005-2007 did not comply with the necessary procedures and therefore calls on all members of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) to resign.

UPDATE: The Council responded by saying that "such manifestations occur when SoJust members attend exams to be promoted to decision-making positions where they obtain mediocre results".

SoJust members argue that they verified seven exams by which magistrates were accepted within the CSM and none was legally conducted. SoJust thus reacts after last month anti-graft prosecutors announced they were investigating five magistrates suspected of frauding the exams.

The NGO claims that, according to the law, CSM is the only one responsible for organizing and managing the exams. Due to the inconsistencies and illegalities found, SoJust members summon President Basescu to take a stand on the issue in order to clear the credibility of the institution.