Omar Hayssam, a fugitive businessman of Syrian origin accused of terrorist acts in Romania, told Romanian prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu in a wired telephone conversation that he can meet him in Lebanon whenever he wants, Romanian daily Gandul reads, quoting news agency Mediafax. Moreover, he added that the prosecutor can enjoy a nice holiday in Lebanon with expensive cars and women. Hayssam confessed that he left the country with a fake passport.

According to conversation transcripts included in Hayssam's file, Nastasiu tried several times to find out where Hayssam is hiding. Finally, on September 6 the two established a meeting point but Omar Hayssam changed his mind, saying that he preferred to meet him in Lebanon if he wished to join him there.

Hayssam told Nastasiu that he would suffer a surgical intervention at the American University in Lebanon as the illness he was accusing while in a Romanian jail apparently got worse.

Omar Hayssam is accused of terrorism for kidnapping in Iraq three Romanian journalists. He was convicted to 20 years in prison in absence.