Former deputy manager at the National penitentiary Administration Sorin Dumitrascu declared for that he was asked to employ Norica Nicolai's nephew shortly after the Parliament incident involving her. Norica Nicolai, suggested for the Justice Minister seat, as rejected by President Traian Basescu because some 18 months ago she was involved in a scandal, when she let a nephew vote in her place in the Parliament.

The nephew, Ana Hanes Manea, was employed in the National Office against Money Laundering, where she still works. Dumitrascu refuses to point at the person(s) who put pressure on him to hire Manea, but admits that is the same person involved in the scandal of the illegal vote and that the lobby referred to a position that did not involve contact with the convicts.

Dumitrascu says he even received direct threats after he refused to obey the orders or accept "explicit proposals". The former manager will not point at any persons because of the recent torment around the resigned Justice Minister, Tudor Chiuariu, who sacked Dumitrascu.

As for a direct intervention from Norica Nicolai, Dumitrascu refuses to confirm or deny that she made "some calls" in person. Still, he says that at one point, when 17,000 vacant seats were opened for contest by the National Penitentiary Administration, interventions came from all areas, from politicians to colleagues in the institution or even football coaches.