President Basescu publicly presented on Friday the reasons why he did not accept Norica Nicolai as Justice Minister. The reaction came after Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu declined two invitations from the president to discuss the situation and once again declared that he would not make other nomination that Norica Nicolai.

The deeds presented by Traian Basescu refer to Nicolai's activity as a prosecutor during the Communist regime and to a fact that took place in 1991. The latter case refers to representing a foreign citizen in an international adoption case, despite Nicolai's position as a prosecutor. At the time, Nicolai pretended that she was not aware of the laws forbidding a state prosecutor act as lawyer. Anyway, Nicolai resigned from the prosecution office during the following month.

The statements Basescu made come after the Governmental spokesperson, Camelia Spataru, once again said that the Prime Minister maintains his point of view: "The prime minister has nothing to discuss with the president about naming a minister. Normally, the president should have signed the decree already".

A press conference was called by president Basescu on Friday night.