One of the richest Romanian businessmen, Ion Tiriac hosted its yearly hunting event at Balc, Western Romania that ended on Sunday after some 200 wild boars were shot dead, NewsIn informs. Even though, this year Tiriac refused to make reveal the list of his guests, influential and rich people joined him this weekend as Wolfgang Porsche, the heir to the Porsche family or Romanian Prince Dimitrie Sturdza were seen in Balc these days.

According to Radio Romania Actualitati, quoted by monitoring agency Rador, the hunting event organized this year hosted only some 20 to 30 guests unlike previous years when he invited 46 important people.

The hunting event generates protests from animal protection organizations every year but no legal restrictions are imposed so far upon the businessman.

Tiriac holds in concession some 13,000 acres on which the businessman invested some one million euro.