Queen Ana of Romania, wife to King Michael, delivered her first interview ever in a show on Romanian public television TVR on Saturday. She used the occasion to reveal amusing details about her time beside King Michael over the years, her royal life and family.

She recalled that when they first met King Michael had no idea how to pay for a cinema ticket or that he has to stand in line. She added that he had no idea how to pay a cab.

In her youth, before meeting King Michael, Queen Ana was an artificial flower seller in a New York flower shop.

In her first interview, Queen Ana confessed that what she appreciates in a man or a woman is his/hers sincerity and honesty. Moreover, she admitted she is stubborn and criticizes a lot the people and events around her.

She recalled she met Michael through her cousin, Jean de Luxembourg, who was holding a party at the Luxembourg Embassy to London, when instead of making a traditional reverence she saluted like a soldier.

She also recalled that her mother and mother-in-law, Queen Elena, both went to demand the approval of Pope Pius XII for her marriage to Michael.

She said she believed in ghosts and that a ghost existed at the Elisabeth Palace - the ghost of a very beautiful lady.