The National Audio - Video Council (CNA) confronts a new problem these days: cable TV station AXN broadcasts a mini-cartoon series presenting squirrels that commit suicide inventing ingenious and rather gore methods to put an end to their lives.

The TV station got its license in the UK, from its Ofcom, and obeys the British legislation, which doesn't prevent such clips from being broadcast at ant moment of the day. Romanian CNA received two complaints this year only regarding the broadcasting of Suicidal Squirrels cartoons during the day, when the show can be accessed by children.

At the end of each episode, there is a direct ad to the website, where the series is described: "Suicidal Squirrels" is the story of 100 adorable little squirrels that have decided they want to die. 100 squirrels - 100 episodes. Witness all the squirrels kill themselves one by one in a series of most ingenious suicides - always with a smile on their tiny little faces…

The content of the series seems to come against the Romanian regulations, one of the articles saying that "Shows that include suicide or self-mutilation details or methods can not be broadcast between 06:00h and 22.00".