Romania president Traian Basescu approved on Wednesday the launching of criminal investigations against eight former minister and members of the current Government.

Labor Minister (in office) Paul Pacuraru, (former) Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu, (resigned) Economy Minister Decebal Traian Remes, (former) prime minister Adrian Nastase, (former) Transport Minister Miron Mitrea, (resigned) Telecomm Minister Zsolt Nagy, (former) Defense Minister Victor Babiuc and (former) Economy Minister Codrut Seres.

Traian Basescu demanded the interim Justice Minister, Teodor Melescanu, to open the procedures for the criminal investigation in all cases. The Anti-Graft Prosecution Office (DNA) spokesperson, Lidia Saplacan, declared for that the file roll will begin as soon as the Justice Ministry approves the launching of the criminal investigation.

The presidential approval comes as a result of the recent Constitutional Court decision which allows him to approve the opening of criminal files without the further need of a specialized commission approval. Out of the eight cases, only Paul Pacuraru is still in seat, while Tudor Chiuariu was named counselor of the prime minister on Tuesday.

The ministers are involved in cases regarding bribe, influence trafficking, funds detouring, embezzlement, abuse in office and espionage.