Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kyrill will visit Bucharest on October 27, along with Patriarchs of orthodox churches from other ex-communist countries. They will attent events organised to remember the defenders of Orthodoxy under communism as well as to mark 10 years since Romania's Daniel become Patriarch, a spokesman for Romanian Patriarchy has told

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It is the first such visit made by a Russian patriarch after the 1989 revolution in Romania.

A Te Deum service will be organised at the Patriarchy Cathedral in Bucharest on Saturday, October 28, to be folloowed by other religious ceremonies.

The head of Russia's Orthodox Church refused to attend the Great Orthodox Synod in Crete last year, thus forcing other leaders of orthodox churches to drop plans of adopting a historical document for over 250 million Orthodox believers worldwide. It was aimed at overcoming political and territorial rivalries between 14 churches in the "Orthodox community".

Patriarch Kyrill is seen as close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.