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Ambassador to Bucharest Hans Klemm says US "worried" about Romanian government plans to change laws on the judiciary

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 28 septembrie 2017, 16:53 English | Top News

Tudorel Toader si Hans Klemm
Foto: Ministerul Justitiei
The US are "worried" about proposals to change the laws regulating the Romanian "judiciary" as they may reverse the path of Romania as a state of law, US Ambassador to Bucharest Hans Klemm was quoted by Romanian news agency Agerpres on Thursday.

He said he shared these worries with the Justice minister and other members of the government as well as in a public statement. And he said the statement was not made on his behalf, but on behalf of the United States as the US Government is "deeply worried" by the set of proposals to change the laws governing the Romanian judiciary.

The set of bills have attracted huge outcry within the judiciary and among the civil society as it is seen as an attempt to bring the judiciary under political control.

The Justice Ministry published the project on August 30. It includes a series of controversial proposals such as passing the Judiciary Inspection under the wing of the Justice Ministry, excluding the President from procedures of naming top prosecutors and the establishment of a special body to investigate magistrates.

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