The Coalition for a Clean Government (CGC) considers that the nomination of Norica Nicolai as Justice Minister is a serious error and demands prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu to revise this suggestion. Five non-governmental associations, groups within the coalition, initiated an online petition called "Civil society declares against Norica Nicolai as Justice Minister".

"Through her parliamentarian activity within the Juridical Commission in the Senate, Mrs. Nicolai constantly opposed the civic and the anti-corruption agenda in Romania, in major projects such as the wealth and interests statements of the dignitaries (statements that had even the Government's support at the time), the National Integrity Agency Law of the ordinance for a more efficient Anti-Graft Prosecution Office", the appeal signed by the 5 NGOs reads. "Even when it came to the Lustration Law, Norica Nicolai promoted the agenda of the most conservative political forces in Romania", the same document shows.