The three drafts for amending the Romanian laws of justice are at different stages in the parliamentary circuit at the moment, with only one adopted by the plenum of the House of Deputies, the first notified room. The Senate is the deciding chamber on all three bills aimed at changes the rules of the Judiciary, in defiance with massive criticism that they are an attempt to subdue it politically.

The governing PSD party announced that it wanted to adopt the laws of justice in this parliamentary session, which means practically until Christmas.

On Monday, the first draft - the amendment to the Magistrates Statute (Law 303/2004) was adopted by the plenum of the House of Deputies and was immediately passed to the Senate. By Thursday, Senators may submit amendments. Next Monday, the special parliamentary commission led by PSD deputy Florin Iordache will report after discussing these possible amendments, and then the law will reach the Senate final vote - most likely Monday night.

Also this Monday, the second bill, amending Law 304/2004, received a report to the special commission and is now waiting to enter the debate and final vote at the plenum of the House of Deputies before going into plenary session. There is no plenary session scheduled yet. The third draft, amending Law 317/2004 on the Supreme Council of Magistrates, began procedures in the special commission. It is expected that on Tuesday, the amendments to this law will be finalized in the committee, and if not, on Wednesday the latest.