MPs of Romania's governing coalition voted on a new parliamentary rule on Wednesday morning, which leaves the opposition without the possibility to argue in support of its amendments. The move, which prompted criticism that it establishes a dictatorship of parliamentary majority, comes as the coalition forces a fast forward vote on a series of changes to the laws of the judiciary, seen as an attempt to subdue it politically.

Opposition MPs protested in the floor session on Wednesday after a commission responsible with parliamentary regulations decided earlier today, with a 4-3 vote, to impose the new rule.

The commission decision came after the opposition submitted a massive number of amendments to a bill changing key rules of the judiciary, in an attempt to postpone its adoption by the governing coalition.

Earlier this week, a similar attempt by the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD) and Liberal Democrats (ALDE) was blocked as it was opposed by the Hungarian Democrats (UDMR), on which they rely for majority in key activities of the Parliament.

This time around, the UDMR representative supported the change of parliamentary regulations, allowing for a stifling of opposition rights. UDMR's reconsideration came as on Tuesday one of its projects, regarding the establishment of a Catholic high school in ethic Hungarian-dominated city of Targy Mures, was introduced on House of Deputies agenda.