Anti-graft prosecutors are investigating the way the local administration in Cluj, Central Romania agreed with a 3.5 km extension of the local airport, as requested by Nokia officials. The company received the promise from local authorities that the airport will be extended. Anti-graft prosecutors say that the local council president is suspected of subjecting the contracts to several business men from his entourage.

While the local administration management refused to make public any information about the contract signed with Nokia, officials from Nokia suggest that they have a clause in the contract regarding the airport extension.

Several days ago, local council president Marius Nicoara admitted for a German television that the contract had such a clause. The feasibility study that will eventually be a basis for the project amounts to some 100,000 euro, sources say.

However, local authorities in Cluj refuse to give any details on the issue. Anti-graft prosecutors, on the other hand, admitted when prompted by the correspondent that they are investigating the way in which the consultancy contract was granted in Cluj.