The European Commission warned the Romanian Government to unblock the criminal investigation against eight former and in office ministers and to forward the presidential approval to the Anti-Graft Prosecution office. The message was sent just before the meeting between Franco Frattini and the interim Justice Minister, Teodor Melescanu

EC sources declared for that Melescanu's refuse to send the criminal investigation approval notification towards the prosecutors was seen in Brussels as an attempt to block the investigations.

Same sources say that there is a risk for Romania to see a much rougher country report at the end of January, even up to the Justice safeguarding clause activation.

The Justice Minister sent on Tuesday the approval notes to the Prosecutor General and the Anti-Graft Prosecution Office, announcing that it is not his intention to impose censorship or to interfere with the investigations.

President Traian Basescu warned Melescanu twice, even promising to suspend him from the office for abuse.