A special parliamentary commission tackling changes to Romania's laws of the judiciary, which have sparked massive protests, concluded on Tuesday the last round of modificiations to articles of their work which the Constitutional Court has found to be unconstitutional. The reports on the corrections were finished in less than an Hour and went to a final vote in the House of Deputies. They were all adopted with the support of the governing PSD and ALDE parties and the Hungarian Democrats.

Opposition parties protested the hasty way the pieces of legislation went to parliamentary procedure on Tuesday morning. The Save Romania Union (USR) MPs protested wearing T-shirts with anti-corruption messages and turned their back to the presidium.

And Raluca Turcan, an MP for the opposition Liberals (PNL), said her party would challenge the procedures at the Constitutional Court.

A final vote on the laws of justice, as corrected by the special parliamentary commission, is expected to be cast in the Senate most probably on Monday.