Romanian businessman, Alexander Adamescu, son of late businessman Dan Adamescu, was arrested in London on Monday night, almost a year after the Bucharest Tribunal issued a preventive arrest warrant on his name, Police sources have told Romanian news agency Mediafax. Newspaper Libertatea, quoting judiciary sources, says he was arrested after a London court found he used fake documents while facing a case in which he has been trying to dodge extradition to Romania.

Alexander AdamescuFoto: Hotnews

Bogdan Alexander Adamescu, 39, is trying to avoid extradition as the Romanian judiciary is due to judge on a case in which he and his father, businessman Dan Adamescu, who died in January last year, are accused of bribery. An arrest warrant had been issued in absentia on his name in May 2016, with charges that he was attempting to dodge a criminal inquiry in 2014, when the case was launched.

For the past year, he has employed an intensive campaign using media in Romania, Britain and other Western countries, trying to depict efforts to arrest him and bring him to court as a political abuse of anti-graft prosecutors. His defenders have been claiming that the case was aimed at blocking a case between him, his Nova Group and the Romanian state at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes in Washington.

Prosecutors are accusing him that in June and December 2013 he and his father used intermediaries to bribe two judges at the Bucharest Tribunal in order to secure favorable solutions in insolvency cases involving companies controlled by Dan Adamescu.