Alleged plans to move the Romanian Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem have sparked a new conflict between Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD) and President Klaus Iohannis. Tensions rose after PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said in a TV show on Thursday night that a "decision has been made" to move the Embassy to Jerusalem and that the government adopted a memorandum in this regard, although no such document has been made public or announced at government level so far. The President reacted harshly on Friday morning, blasting the idea of moving the embassy.

Liviu Dragnea la Antena 3Foto: Captura Antena 3

Dragnea, who serves as speaker of the House of Deputies, said in an interview with Antena 3 news channel on Thursday night that "this decision has been made, I support it and the procedures are starting".

He said "the government adopted a memorandum deciding the start of procedures to move the embassy. It may seem as of little importance, but it has a huge symbolic value for a country which has an incredibly big influence worldwide, where over 500,000 Romanians are living, it has a huge value for the US Administration".

And he said moving the embassy "can and I think will bring some big benefits for Romania", calling it "a pragmatic move".

No such document has been presented, and media quoted the government spokesperson as saying on Friday morning that he did not see such a memorandum and could not comment on the subject.

President Klaus Iohannis blasted Dragnea's announcement on Friday morning. he said that the relocation of the Embassy to Jerusalem would breach international law in this phase, considering Romania's support of the UN Security Council resolutions regarding the statute of Jerusalem, which call on UN member countries not to establish diplomatic missions to the city.

Iohannis said he, as main representative of Romania in foreign affairs, has not been consulted or informed in advance about a possible decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem.