Romanian President Klaus Iohannis renewed his attacks on the Social Democratic (PSD) government on Monday, when he used a report on tax revenues to the state budget to call again for the resignation of prime minister Viorica Dancila. He said she was due to make room "to competent people", considering that the budget balance for the first quarter of 2018 was "completely unsatisfactory".

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PSD leader Liviu Dragnea reacted by claiming Iohannis' criticism was "a whole list of lies that may amount to an attack to national security". He said during a TV interview with Antena 3 news channel that the prime minister had no reason to resign.

Iohannis said Dancila's resignation was "absolutely needed", given that parts of the budget review, such as those about excises, "mirror the chaos in public finances the best".

He said that the "PSD performance" was the state failed to collect all the due revenues despite Romanians paying bigger prices for almost anything.

President Iohannis first called for Dancila's resignation in late April, when he said she was unable to fulfill her duties as head of government. The call is non-binding, as the president doesn't have any say in the dismissal of a prime minister. But he said he withdrew his trust in Dancila, who is seen as a dummy PM acting at the orders of the PSD leader, House speaker Liviu Dragnea.

A first, partial review of the budget balance for Q1 2018 was published in late April. On Monday, the full review was published, showing the government managed to draw less revenues than planned in key taxation areas.

The document shows fiscal revenue covered 95.1% of the planned amount and that only 87.6% of planned excise revenues were drawn.