Romanian MPs in charge with pushing a series of changes to the Penal Code proposed a new wave of criminal-friendly amendments to the legislation on Tuesday. These include a change that would threaten prison sentences for people who reveal information during criminal inquiries and an attempt to lower sentences for bribery.

Eugen Nicolicea, a prominent MP for the governing Social Democrats (PSD), has proposed a change according to which people who, during a criminal inquiry, reveal information that would harm the public image of investigated people and thus the presumption of innocence would risk sentences of 6 months to two years in prison or even fines. The sentences would be even bigger if the revealed information proves false.

Nicolicea also adds to the definition of bribery, making it a crime only of the promise of bribe proves "real, serious, explicit, effective and consciously made". Promise of criminal payment which is not followed by action would not make it a crime.

Another MP, Catalin Radulescu, who has championed legal changes that would undermine the fight against corruption, also wants a lower impact of bribery-related legislation. He tabled a change according to which serious consequences exist only if material damage amounts to more than 4 million RON, as compared to 2 million in the current legislation. He also calls for a milder sentence for bribery.