Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD) for now are dropping plans for a "big demonstration" in support of the traditional family, an event which sparked massive controversy as it was due to fuel a referendum on constitutional changes. The party argued it could not organise it given that President Iohannis refused to approve a law on referendums and challenged the bill to the Constitutional Court.

Florin IordacheFoto: Hotnews

PSD leaders confirmed for Digi 24 news channel that the demonstration would not take place, at least not in the upcoming period. Digi quoted PSD deputy Florin Iordache, who said that in order to have a referendum on constitutional changes aimed at the definition of family in June, the referendum law had to be adopted, so he did not believe a demonstration to support the traditional family would take place.

A large group of NGO's managed to gather millions of signatures several years ago to call for a referendum to change the Constitution so that it defines family as a union between man and woman, not between persons. The issue has been used politically ever since, but no steps were made to hold a referendum in this regard.

Until earlier this spring, when PSD leader Liviu Dragnea announced plans to hold a massive demonstration in support of the traditional (i.e., man and woman) family, a demonstration organised by the PSD. It was due to take place in May.