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Romania President Iohannis says Romania had "good results" at NATO summit, President Trump "called things by their name"

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 12 iulie 2018, 18:14 English | Top News

Klaus Iohannis
Romania reported results in three major objectives it had at the NATO summit this week, President Iohannis said as the Brussels summit ended on Thursday: a command center, upgrading a multinational brigade and a whole session on Black Sea issues. Iohannis also said President Trump did not initiate a conflict but "called things by their name" at the summit.

The three objectives that Romania met at the summit, according to President Iohannis:
  • a 3-star command center which may host up to 400 officers from all NATO member states
  • upgrading the statute of the Multinational Brigade, which becomes permanent
  • a whole session being organised at Romania's initiative on issues related to the Black Sea, with Georgia and Ukraine invited, a move that contributes to Romania's efforts to "put the Black Sea on the NATO map".

Speaking of the tense relations between the US and Germany on defense money, President Iohannis said US President Trump "called things by their name" and that there was no conflict between the two countries".

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