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Street protest against Securitate cover-up

de Radu Big
Duminică, 3 februarie 2008, 20:44 English | Top News

Protest in Bucharest
Foto: Hotnews
23 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) managed to gather some 500 people in the Universitate Plaza, protesting against the decision in the Constitutional Court, according to which CNSAS will cease its activity. CNSAS is the body that was enabled until last week to research the archives of the Communist political Police, Securitate, and to unveil the collaboration of dignitaries, clergy and civil society members with the institution. The demonstrants booed the prime minister, the Constitutional Court members, former president Ion Iliescu and Dan Voiculescu, the Conservative leader that sued CNSAS, leading to the current blockage.

All participants in the protest promised to return every day, until the CNSAS situation is solved. According to the Constitutional Court decision, CNSAS should not have been subordinated to the Parliament and, even more, was found acting as both investigation and verdict-issuing instance. The NGOs and a large share of the civil society saw the verdict as an attempt to maintain covered the former Securitate officers and collaborators.

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