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One quarter of verified judges - collaborators of the Communist political police

de Radu Big
Joi, 7 februarie 2008, 13:09 English | Top News

Out of 118 judges verified by CNSAS (the body that should unveil the collaborators of the Communist political police, Securitate), 25 received verdicts of Securitate collaborators, said Germina Nagat, manager of the Investigation Department within the institution, in an interview for BBC. Nagat says that the verification of judges became a priority in 2007. The judges in the Constitutional Court shut down CNSAS at the end of January, claiming that it functions as an extraordinary instance.

Nagat, who can not offer names, given the various states of investigation, says that lists of judges to be verified were sent to CNSAS by the Superior Magistrature Council (CSM) in 2006, given the fact that judges who were involved in political police activities can no longer occupy management positions.

Until now, the only judge who received a collaboration verdict is a CSM member, Florica Bejenariu, but the verdict changed after an appeal. The High Court will have the final word in the problem in April. 

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