Romanian MPs voted on Tuesday against a censure motion submitted by the opposition against the Social Democratic (PSD)-led government of Viorica Dancila. The bill, aimed mainly at keeping the PSD executive in check, was predicted to fail well in advance.

Viorica Dancila, in ParlamentFoto: Guvernul Romaniei

The opposition submitted the motion arguing that the government was to blame to a long series of abuses, from pressure on the judiciary to economic ordinances which have affected many parts of the economy.

Still, as PM Dancila put it during debates prior to the vote today, pundits have commented that as Romania heads into three rounds of presidential, general and local elections in 2019-2020, nobody really wanted or was ready to take over the government. "I most sincerely ask you, do you really want to take over the government?", she asked.

The vote faild with 202 votes in favor and 7 abstentions. At least 233 votes were needed for the motion to pass.