Romania's PM Viorica Dancila and a minister of her Social Democratic Party (PSD)-led government announced a series of moves to be taken - or to be avoided, moving forward, from fiscal to administrative to judiciary acts.

Viorica DăncilaFoto: Agerpres
  • On Tuesday, PM Dancila announced that during today's government meeting a new Administrative Code would be adopted. The bill had sparked controversies and received a negative stamp from the Economic and Social Council, which provides non-binding counsel. Administration trade unions have said the only purpose of the code was to protect a group of interests aiming at keeping a feudal hold on the public administration - detailed report in Romanian
  • Also on Tuesday, PM Dancila said her government would not approve any more emergency ordinances linked to the functioning of the judiciary. She said that all changes in this regard should go through transparent debate with input from international bodies, the recommendations of which she said she would comply with - detailed report in Romanian.
  • An emergency ordinance regulating ridesharing, which was promised by the government after the sector suffered a blow recently with the adoption of new legislation for taxi and similar transportation services, is also due to be adopted today, according to PM Dancila - detailed report in Romanian.
  • Finance minister Eugen Teodorovici used a forum on Tuesday to present details of a fiscal amnesty he said was not an amnesty, but a sort of financial restructuring. It would be applied to all debtors with debts of more than RON 1 million at December 31, 2018 and would involve the erasure of up to a half of the debt - detailed report in Romanian