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MP's elect new People's Advocate, or Romanian Ombudsman - Renate Weber

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Miercuri, 26 iunie 2019, 17:11 English | Top News

Renate Weber
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The Parliament on Wednesday voted to name former MEP Renate Weber as Romanian Ombudsman - or People's Advocate as it its called locally. Weber, who has been nominated by Liberal Democrats (ALDE, a junior member of the governing coalition) replaces Victor Ciorbea, who has gained a reputation for his support to decisions of the current governing alliance, but who's term has come to an end.

The Ombudsman is a public institution responsible with dealing with complaints submitted by citizens against governmental bodies. The Ombudsman serves for a 5-year term that can be renewed once.

The governing coalition of Social Democrats (PSD) and ALDE supported Renate Weber, while the majority of opposition parties supported Peter Eckstein-Kovacs.

Weber, a legal expert, has served as member of the European Parliament for three terms, first as a representative of the Liberals (PNL), later of ALDE. She ran for ALDE again in the recent EP elections, but the party failed to reach the necessary threshold.

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