A new report shows the record of Romanian hospitals when it comes to abortions by request. Also in the news on Friday, Romania's governing Social Democrats propose new interim European Commissioner and prepare for a leadership vote this weekend.

Spitalele unde nu se fac avorturiFoto: Hotnews
  • ​Dozens of hospitals in Romania are not undergoing abortions by request, according to a new report. The document, released by FILIA Center, an NGO pleading with gender equality, and another organisation, says 51 hospitals in 29 Romanian counties do not undergo abortions by request at all. The list includes major hospitals in Bucharest and Cluj, but also hospitals in small towns where women have difficulties in finding alternatives. The report says that only 40 hospitals in 24 Romanian counties undergo abortions by request at any time. There are some 375 public hospitals in Romania. More on this - in Romanian here
  • Romania's governing Social Democrats are pushing former MEP Ioan Mircea Pascu as interim European Commissioner. PM Viorica Dancila announced on Friday she would propose that Pascu take over the Regional Development Commissioner seat left vacant in Juncker's Commission by former Romanian European Commissioner Corina Cretu, who was elected in the European Parliament in elections last month. Ioan Mircea Pascu has served as MEP for the Social Democrats since 2007, but in the latest elections she was removed from electoral lists by Liviu Dragnea, the former PSD leader who was sentenced to prison for acts corruption just one day after the May 26 EP poll. More on this in Romanian here
  • Romania's PM Viorica Dancila announced that the leadership of her Social Democratic Party (PSD) has decided that Finance minister Eugen Teodorovici become interim deputy prime minister. The move comes after Viorel Stefan, who has served as deputy PM, starts his term as a member of the European Court of Auditors on July 1. More on this in Romanian here. Meanwhile, Teodorovici has decided to withdraw his candidacy for party leaderhip, which is due to be chosen in a congress preceded by today's party leadership session - more on this in Romanian here.