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Moldova PM Maia Sandu visits Romania. President Iohannis: Romania supports Moldova on European path / Sandu: We need Romania's support

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Marţi, 2 iulie 2019, 10:37 English | Top News

Iohannis si Maia Sandu
Romanian President Klaus Iohannis welcomed Moldova prime minister Maia Sandu at the Presidential Palace on Tuesday morning, in her first official visit abroad since becoming head of the Government in Chisinau. Iohannis said on the occasion that he supported the European leaning of Moldova and a solution of the Transndiester conflict in compliance with the territorial integrity of Moldova. For her part, Maia Sandu said her country had a major need of Romania's support.

President Iohannis said on the occasion that Romania supported a doubling of European financial support for Moldova and the creation of a joint Romanian-Moldovan working group to strengthen Moldovan institution.

Sandu said after talks with the Romanian President that she trusted Romania would stay by Moldovan citizens as a key ally on their European path. And she recalled the heavy burden of the "legacy of the oligarchic regime" - a reference to the the regime controlled by oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, who was recently removed from power in a major political crisis.

Also on Tuesday, Maia Sandu said during her visit to Bucharest that a political partnership between the ACUM alliance with Socialists led by president Igor Dodon to take over government in Chisinau was unusual, but it was the only solution to get rid of a corrupt and anti-democratic regime.

She said time would prove how strong this partnership would be, but for the time being both camps comply with their obligations.

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