​Romania's Supreme Defence Council (CSAT), which reunites top defense and security officials, is due to convene on Tuesday to discuss reports on the crisis caused by the murder of a teenage girl in Caracal, South Romania, whom alerted authorities failed to prevent. The session comes as new information continues to emerge about the fate of the girl, shocking a nation as goverment authorities seek blame among opponents.

Politia la locuinta suspectului din CaracalFoto: Captura YouTube

For the past 24 hours:

  • officials from investigative bodies presented MPs with records of calls made by the abducted girl, Alexandra, from the house of her captor to emergency number 112. According to MPs, the records are shocking and, as one put it, may lead to "revolution" if they are published. They allegedly show a total lack of empathy, interest or proper training from the policeman and a representative of the Special Telecommunication Service (STS) who talked to the girl.
  • A special body formed to investigate magistrates has launched an inquiry for abuse in office related to how investrigations into the Caracal case developed.
  • News emerged that the victim's father announced the local police about the disappearance of his daughter as early as Wednesday night, but was told to return the next day.

Meanwhile, in Bucharest, the executive president of the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD), Eugen Teodorovici, claimed that the system had to change, but this was not happening because of "those who yell and oppose change" - he was referring to protesters who convened before the PSD HQ to demonstrate against the reaction of the government in the Caracal crisis.

The CSAT is due to discuss reports by the Interior Ministry and the STS on the Caracal tragedy, where, according to the confession of the suspect murderer, not only teenager Alexandra, but also another teenager who had gone missing recently were killed.