Police officers in the Eastern Romanian city of Galati, who refused to get off their car and failed to help a teenage girl who was bloodied and in state of shock, have received a first "sanction": until a disciplinary inquiry is ended, they will have to walk while on duty, without the right to use their police vehicle, as police sources told news agency Mediafax.

Incident in GalatiFoto: Captura Facebook

The two officers, a man and a woman, are not suspended pending the investigation on their lack of action.

The incident took place on Sunday and was filmed by a passerby on a boulevard in Galati. The images show a girl, full of blood, with people on the sidewalk calling for police help. The two police officers refuse to get off their car despite being pressed to do so. The victim, who said she was the victim of rape, appears terrified and refuses to talk to people who come and help her. The girl was eventually taken to hospital, where she underwent a surgical intervention.

The case caused outrage when it came to public attention on Monday, as it follows the murder case that shocked the nation - the murder of a girl in the Southern city of Caracal, where the police failed to intervene in due time despite the victim calling the 112 emergency number repeatedly.