Romanian PM Viorica Dancila announced Friday afternoon a series of changes to her government team, following talks with the party leadership. A key change is that of nominating the head of a judges union, Dana Garbovan, as Justice minister. Another - the naming of Mihai Fifor as Interior minister.

Viorica Dancila - PSDFoto: Facebook

Ana Birchall, who has been serving as Justice minister, would take over as deputy PM for strategic partnerships, a position so far held by Mihai Fifor.

Another change is the nomination of a new Education minister, Serban Valeca.

Iulian Iancu is due to become deputy PM in charge with Economic issues.

The changes would only come into effect if President Iohannis approve of them.

The changes come as Dancila's Social Democrats are due to make a decision whom to support for a presidential candidacy in elections later this year. The issue of this candidacy has fueled apparent discord between them and their coalition partners, ALDE, who have been pressing for changes in the governing team and program.

  • Garbovan is the founder of an NGO named the National Union of Judges for which she herself couldn't provide proper details such as number of members or representation. She has been a vocal supporter of a series of changes to the laws of justice, which have sparked massive unrest and criticism from international bodies, as they were seen as attempts to subdue the judiciary politically and to put an end to the fight against corruption. Garbovan's name had been circulated for possibly taking over as Justice minister before - two years and a half ago, when ex-minister Florin iordache was eventually replaced with Tudorel Toader in wake of massive Bucharest protests.

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